Patch Notes

Gameboard patch notes. Click year to expand/collapse.


v2.4 - 24/03/24: [90 available solves] new mycelium, plasma, chaos and luminescence puzzles. Public leaderboard expanded to top 50.

v2.31 - 02/03/24: [86 available solves] fixed issue enabling bypass of some locked puzzles, improved image associated with no-hint-here puzzle, updated look of jellyfish attractor.

v2.3 - 11/02/24: [86 available solves] new puzzle added to plasma attractor.

v2.24 - 14/01/24: [85 available solves] 'jump to puzzle' feature added to solved puzzles table on leaderboard page.

v2.23 - 11/01/24: [85 available solves] new hint added to The Seer: Quest Reward.

v2.22 - 22/12/23: [85 available solves] minor adjustment to 'violet sky', added new hints for other puzzles on Seer level 20, 30 and 40.

v2.21 - 17/12/23: [85 available solves] made changes to guest access, added 'find' button to gameboard (jumps to unlocked puzzles).

v2.2 - 09/12/23: [85 available solves] new diatom, scale, mycelium and luminescence puzzles. Public leaderboard expanded to top 30.

v2.1 - 03/12/23: [80 available solves] minor amendments to puzzle text throughout, changed cursor, guest account added, various other misc. changes to website.

v2.01 - 01/12/23: [80 available solves] changed wording of 'the altar' to provide an additional hint.

v2.0 - 25/11/23: [80 available solves] 5 new puzzles including scales, chaos, mycelium, and mountains attractors...

v1.9 - 05/11/23: [75 available solves] changed navigation so that gameboard re-centres to last attempted puzzle node (in session), revamped some attractors, other misc. changes.

v1.81a - 19/10/23: [75 available solves] expanded genus ii hint...

v1.81 - 17/10/23: [75 available solves] hints added to genus puzzles.

v1.8 - 15/10/23: [75 available solves] new puzzles on spiral, scale and chaos attractors, new mystery shoppe item...

v1.75a - 05/10/23: [71 available solves] expanded hint for novum mysterium.

v1.75 - 01/10/23: [71 available solves] balance tweaks to 'a sealed letter...', solve rates and last solved date now visible when clicking on a puzzle node, re-styled all text boxes.

v1.74 - 17/09/23: [71 available solves] new hints added to The Seer levels 10, 20 and 30.

v1.73 - 13/09/23: [71 available solves] new hint added to The Seer: Level 40.

v1.72 - 11/09/23: [71 available solves] minor tweak to one of the new fern attractor puzzles.

v1.71 - 10/09/23: [71 available solves] puzzle links added to hints on Seer Level 10, 20, 30, Quest Reward and Level 40.

v1.7 - 09/09/23: [71 available solves] +2 mycelium puzzles, +2 fern puzzles, +2 blackhole puzzles.

v1.6 - 26/08/23: [65 available solves] new ascension puzzle and new look, minor change to The Seer: Quest Reward.

v1.51 - 13/08/23: [64 available solves] added new hint to 'The Seer: Quest Reward', added missing narrative to 'a sealed letter...' (solution unaffected), expanded leaderboard to top 20, some minor cosmetic changes.

v1.5 - 30/07/23: [64 available solves] new mountains puzzles, new plasma puzzle (level 50+)

v1.4 - 15/07/23: [61 available solves] new player puzzle, new wave puzzle, some minor fixes.

v1.31 - 09/07/23: [59 available solves] lock removed from mystery puzzle, it's open to all - if you can find it.

v1.3 - 25/06/23: [59 available solves] 'final' petals puzzle added, new chaos puzzle, new wave puzzle, new Seer nodes, other misc changes.

v1.11 - 17/06/23: [50 available solves] additional hints added to The Seer: Level 10, 20 and 30.

v1.2 - 17/06/23: [55 available solves] new petals puzzles, new fern puzzle, and a new look for the Chaos Attractor.

v1.1 - 04/06/23: [50 available solves] new beholder puzzle, most stereograms given a facelift, 3 new petals puzzles.

v1.0 - 21/05/23: [46 available solves] updated and expanded into petals attractor (force refresh browser to see), added a new Seer node for 40+ solves, added another mycelium puzzle.

v0.9 - 14/05/23: [44 available solves] 巴比倫 fixed, new player puzzle added, rift attractor puzzle added, other misc. improvements.

v0.8 - 30/04/23: [41 available solves] first player puzzles added to luminescence attractor, différance solves now show on leaderboard.

v0.81 - 30/04/23: [42 available solves] new alchemist quest added.

v0.72 - 19/04/23: [39 available solves] relevant attractors added to all Seer hints, new hint added to Seer's quest reward.

v0.71 - 13/04/23: [39 available solves] fixed issues with 'transmutation' and 'within the devs library'.

v0.7 - 10/04/23: [39 available solves] new puzzle added to bubbles attractor.

v0.61 - 03/04/23: [38 available solves] minor changes to some Seer nodes.

v0.6 - 01/04/23: [38 available solves] upgraded some of the attractors on the gameboard, new puzzle added to the plasma attractor, new Seer node added, detailed 'puzzles solved' view available on leaderboard.

v0.51 - 30/03/23: [37 available solves] new hints added to The Seer: Level 20 and Level 30 nodes, other miscellaneous improvements to improve clarity/reduce difficulty of some puzzle nodes.

v0.5 - 26/03/23: [37 available solves] changed to images instead of fonts on puzzle node icons for better compatibility, changed 'try puzzle' text on buttons to 'open' as some nodes aren't solvable puzzles (e.g. Seer hint nodes), added final puzzles to mycelium attractor, other miscellaneous improvements.

v0.41 - 12/03/23: [35 available solves] changed solve rate calculation to improve usefulness as a proxy for difficulty, minor amendment to layout of diatom puzzle, added final puzzle to wave attractor.

v0.4 - 25/02/23: [34 available solves] added 'The Seer' nodes to jellyfish attractor. Nodes will unlock on 10, 20 and 30 solves respectively. But what will The Seer see? Updated rift attractor. Added new puzzle node to wave attractor.

v0.3 - 12/02/23: [33 available solves] expanded title of insanity in mycelium attractor to reduce difficulty, added two new nodes to fern attractor, able to view your rank on leaderboard if outside of top ten, first diatom attractor puzzle added.

v0.21 - 23/01/23: [30 available solves] bug with solving fern puzzles and not appearing on leaderboard resolved.

v0.2 - 22/01/23: [30 available solves] new puzzles added to fern attractor.

v0.11 - 27/12/22: [27 available solves] resolved issues with parts 2 & 3 of alchemist/mountain nodes and case sensitive solutions, fully implemented widen your search beholder node.

v0.1 - 11/12/22: [24 available solves] -